The Dragon Knights Stilt Theater Show is an interactive theater experience which combines puppets with stilt walking to bring the magic and mystery of tales to life.

Trained in the arts of stilt, theater, mask, make-up and puppetry Dragon Knights offer visual and interactive show based on multi-cultural roots. Dragon Knights adds a whole dimension to each events with unique stilt walkers and puppeteers who wander through the ages and bring to life fairies and dragons... but if you want to see them, you better raise your eyes ;)


The art of stilt walking has roots in Africa, China and France. Pole stilts were invented centuries ago by farmers and shepherds to travel marshy and flooded areas and be able to observe from far distances. Pole stilts offer freedom of movement and elegance to the stilt dancers. These pole stilts and the dancers that employ them have evolved through the ages from the original folk dances of yester-year to modern day stilt-circus, stilt-theater and stilt-acrobatic. Dragon Knights offers an opportunity to witness and participate in this evolution.


Each puppet has its very own unique personality and breathing life into these mythical creatures while balancing them on stilts requires extraordinary technical and dramatic abilities. The puppeteer performs the dual role of bird and rider, or dragon and knight. As though they may have escaped from a cartoon, or perhaps a dream, the playful birds, Gryphon, Corto and Eclipse, immediately enchant and seduce a crowd, Gryphon with his flair for the mischievous along whith Corto and Eclipse, the flamingos.  Baraka, the Dragon, regardless of who rides him, is a fierce creature on the surface, and much less approachable. However, anyone with the courage to overcome their fear, especially the children, can be a hero if they attempt to tame him. And last, but not least there is the Dragonfly, who is actually a Faerie Queen in the body of a bug. She enlightens your day by reflecting the (Sun) light from her wings summoning a rainbow of colorful sun light.