Tara Spadaro

Tara Spadaro is a first generation artist who found her love for performance around 18 years old. Coming from a focused athletic background of soccer and volleyball she looked for ways to satiateher love for the arts on the side. Her hobbies of sculpting, cartooning and playing with puppets soon drove her to explore other creative ways to feel inspired. She always had a love for the circus and decided to explore the cirque arts! She dared to try the flying trapeze and fell in love. Richie Gaona trained/ mentoredher for 3 years of flying. Considered to be the Ballet of the Air, it taught her grace, relaxed concentration, strength and how to mentally connect with your partner. These found these lessons were imperative when she discovered her passion for stilt performance. Finding a trapeze class was a type and a click away but finding out how to learn to stilt was not so easy. After so many dead ends, she kept pushing until someone gave her a chance. Show director Scott Kleckner gave her the opportunity to learn stilts for a choreographed dance show where she met a pivotal mentor in her career, Dan Waskom. Dan gave her the foundation that would shape her as a performer forever. She had finally found the perfect blend of athleticism and artistry she had be craving her whole life! Tara is proud that since the first time she got up on stilts, she never stopped and dedicated her time to endlessly learning. For 7 years now she has performed all over the country at music festivals, fashion shows, private events, commercial/film, fairs and theater shows. Her journey has lead her to acquire the skills of of clowning, miming, multiple types of puppetry, dance, creature suit performance and fabrication!  Early in her career she met another apprentice of Dans, Brett Horn. Brett and Tara magnetically grew together as performers and friends. They shared a paralleling passion for stilt performance that helped them find and attract professional opportunities even when it seemed impossible. Through Brett, she was introduced to her most influential mentor: Lili Noden of Dragon Knights Stilt Show. Lili not only taught her how to refine the art of stilting but gave her the ability to play. This lesson has even carried overinto her craft as a sculptor/fabricator in the special FX industry. Lili's training gave Tara the tools to allow the most honest and raw version of herself be expressed through her art. Tarapasses on these tools to others as stilt trainer at Universal Studios and The Natural History Museum. However, she will always see herself as a student, wanting to learn as much as she can from the giants who's shoulders she stands upon. She is continually self educating, evolving, exploring, experiencing and can't wait to see what future opportunities await her!