Shanell Horn

As a child Shanell was a gymnast, ice skater, and competitive swimmer. Shanell started her career as an artist at age 17, performing at the Disneyland Resort as a parade performer. This is where her love for character animation began. At 18 she moved to Japan to perform at Tokyo Disneyland, where she fell in love with traveling and experiencing new cultures. She returned home to attend college and soon moved back to Tokyo, now her second home. Shanell went back on the road touring with Disney Live! a theatrical stage production as a dancer. Over the span of two years she toured through Vietnam, Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and a national tour throughout the United Sates ending at the Madison Square Garden in New York. 

While dancing at Universal Studios Hollywood, she heard there was an opportunity to learn a new stilt character. She went home that night and asked her incredibly talented husband Brett to teach her. Brett has been a source of constant support and inspiration throughout Shanell's artistic career. He trained her on stilts and so began her passion for a new art form. Combining her love for character animation and stilt walking was a turning point for Shanell's interests and ambitions. As a new member, it has been an honor and a pleasure to be incorporated into the Dragon Knights family. She looks forward to challenging herself in new ways and seeing where life takes her!