Ali Dressel

Ali, aka Spark, has a passion for creating inspiring, interactive, and magical experiences. After getting her degree in theatre arts and performance studies, she delved into the worlds of dance, circus arts, and interactive theatre. She has performed with various companies as a dancer, interactive character actor, and clown at a variety of music festivals, fairs, and private events. She has also worked as a production coordinator with the La Jolla Playhouse and as a stage manager with The Animal Cracker Conspiracy Company. Also with a degree in marine science, she is passionate about the ocean and is working to inspire people to take action toward conservation. She values the ability to maintain a forever inquisitive and imaginative mind, and she strives to keep discovering new methods to interact and communicate with others in engaging, awe-inspiring, and impactful ways. Since 2014, she has been sailing the skies with the Dragon Knights and is incredibly happy and thankful to do what she loves best with the amazingly talented, creative, and passionate Dragon Knights team ^.^