Randy Reyes

In both his performing and personal life, Randy Reyes, aka Rey-S, lives by the philosophy that if you have a positive outlook while working and training hard, growth and success will come your way.

Rey-S of the Dragon Knights first started breaking (breakdancing) in 2002 and stilt-walking in 2015. As soon as he saw the dynamic movement of stilt-walking, he was hypnotized by its complexity. The death-defying acts and performance-induced adrenaline rush continued to feed his drive for improvement as he delved further into his development as a stilt-walker.

Always looking to improve, Rey-S sees not only his own development to be crucial, but also the progress of those around him. He wants to see people be able to use movement as a way to discover their individual potential to make an impact on society, and subsequently inspire others to evolve the community as a whole. In doing so, stilt-walkers will eventually garner widespread recognition as a vital component of the performing arts.