Dan Bancroft

Daniel began his stilt-walking career back in 2005 with performing in various roles and shows with the Walt Disney company. After leaving the company in 2010 he brought his passion and talents to NBC Universal where he is still currently a performer and stilt trainer. In 2012, he joined with Dragon Knights Stilt Theater in hopes to expand his stilt knowledge and creative passion. Dragon Knights has been able to create an outlet for Daniel to continue his passion for stilt walking, performing, and bringing to life imaginative stories told through performance. He has performed in numerous events with Dragon Knights, including Insomniac's Electric Daisy Carnival, Beyond Wonderland, and the Orange County Fair, not to mention numerous performances for high end clients. His high energy, passion, stilt walking skill, and overall positive energy brings an asset to the performance that can't be missed. Daniel is very proud to call himself a "knight" and looks forward to continue bringing the level of entertainment and show that can only be provided by Dragon Knights Stilt Theater.