Brett Horn is a red head, with dreadlocks. That's the most important piece of knowledge regarding him.

Aside from that, Brett is a long time performer, artist, and fabricator. As a performer he has done many things, from dance, to character performance, and traditional theatre. He has performed with and for many world renowned companies including Disney, Universal Studios, and Dragon Knights, amongst many others. His love for live performance and physical art brought him to his most passionate of performance love; stilts and puppetry.

Brett’s love for stilts manifested into a near obsession that continues to this day. You will rarely see him happier than when he is on stilts. Stilts is an art form to him. It isn't just about being big and tall, it's about beautiful movement and character, a suspension of reality that takes audience members someplace else entirely. For that reason, he is incredibly thankful for his fateful meeting with Lili and her Dragon Knights.

As a puppeteer, Brett has found great pleasure in both the building and bringing to life “inanimate” creatures of all kind. Learning puppetry was never planned, but always seemed natural, and with every opportunity to use a different puppet came a deeper love for the art until finally he knew that he need to make some of his very own. Through trial and error, his experience as a builder grew, and with time so did his confidence as a puppeteer in performance. When he was finally granted the honor of performing with the birds of Dragon Knights, he felt immediately like they were long time friends. It only furthered his deep love for the wonder that is puppetry.

Brett's resume as a fabricator is constantly growing and through the unlikely avenue of cosplay he found himself in the practical effects division of Stoopid Buddy Stoodios where he and a team of 5 other set out to make a 12 foot tall walk around puppet for the gaming company Riot! Games. This experience changed his life yet again. He still cosplays with his team (4 itchy Tasty! Cosplay) but that experience has lead him to continue honing his skills as a special effects artist and puppet builder. He has since found a home at many different special effects studios in Los Angeles area. You can see much of his work in places you might not expect, a prop spaceship in unlikely movie, a costume at a convention, a insect puppet flying through the gardens of the Natural History museum and many more.

Brett brings an unorthodox way of thinking to the table, and he is proud to challenge what the world perceives as normal. For that reason he feels at home with this company, and is proud to be called a Dragon Knight!