David Booker

David is a San Diego native - born and raised. His journey to performance began in 2009 when he fell in love with yoga while taking a community college class that introduced him to the practice. Seeking more opportunities for yoga led David to the world of acroyoga, which then introduced him to acrobatics. David began working around San Diego for small character-centric gigs where he performed acrobatics, dance, miming, and other character skills. In 2013, Davids then-roommate (Derrick Gidlay) invited him to train stilts with Lili Noden, and thus began his career with Dragon Knights.

While performing on the jumping stilts with Dragon Knights, David disappears and another character comes out, full of life and silliness, bringing joy and laughter to all those who interact with him. It is this total emersion that fuels David’s passion; this is the only art form where he disappears completely and character work becomes so natural for him.