Cole wheatley

By 2008 Cole Wheatley thought he had an extensive resume. He has been a theater performer, both in school and in the community, has a laundry list of dance accomplishments, was even an award-winning basketball player, and was a film extra for tv shows and movies (some notable mentions include: Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, Yes, Dear, 40 Year Old Virgin, Mr. Woodcock, and Akeelah and the Bee). However, he sacrificed a senior year of goofing off to attend a boarding arts high school in the Southern California Mountains known as, Idyllwild Arts Academy. The training at Idyllwild led to dance company work immediately after graduation and yet another scholarship opportunity at Chapman University. A year later family circumstances led Wheatley away from education but cemented his fervor for the arts. He returned with purpose, studying at Orange Coast College, Riverside City College, Upland Ballet and found himself a place alongside Disneyland Resort performers. Less than a year later Wheatley was performing in Disneyland Paris! Upon his return, Wheatley sunk his teeth into a new art form, stilt-puppeteering. Since 2014, he has been mentored by the seasoned stilt performers within Dragon Knights and performed at events, such as Disneyland’s Mad-T Party, the New York State Fair, the Orange County Fair, the San Diego County Fair, and Insomniac's Countdown 2017. Now the momentum continues, as he assists the very founder of Dragon Knights at the San Diego Circus Center with stilt walking courses. Wheatley has had profoundly talented people mentor him on art forms such as acting, character look-a-like roles, character animation, puppetry, ballet, modern, tap, living statues, and, of course, stilt-walking. Keep an eye on him, as his training is far from over.