Benjamin Gadbois

Benjamin has been performing with Dragon Knights since 2005. He was first introduced to Lili Noden through a twist of fate; connections through mutual friends brought them together, and they hit it off immediately. Like Lili, Benjamin comes from a large family and after all the challenges the two have overcome together, Benjamin sees Lili as his 6th sister. Over the years, Benjamin and Lili have worked closely together; in addition to performing, Benjamin helps behinds the scenes with building, maintenance, and sound tech.

With Dragon Knights, Benjamin has performed at theme parks, music festivals, and fairs around the country. For Benjamin, performing with Dragon Knights nourishes his soul; he cherishes the moments he shares with audience members knowing that a little moment can change another person’s life, and to bring out the joy in others is magical. Benjamin’s passion allows him to completely lose himself and step into another character full of life and humor.